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Reasons You Should Worry About Your Credit Score

A credit score is a 3-digit number used to determine your credibility. More and more people are now relying on credit for transactions. Even certain companies not in the credit industry make good credit scores part of the service and product requirement. 

Simply put, almost every financial decision you make is connected with credit scores. Here are the reasons why you should be concerned about your credit score. 

Your score determines the rates on loans that you receive. 

Borrowing is an integral part of financial life. Whether you buy a house or you get a new car, you 're probably going to a bank for a loan. To determine how much and under which terms you qualify, one of the factors that is taken into account is your credit score. 

The FICO Score is the most commonly used model. It awards points from 300 to 850. Higher scores suggest increased likelihood of default and weak debt reduction and hence draw high lending prices while high scores imply good creditworthiness and have better returns for creditors. 

At the existing prices , for example, an Arr of 800 earns 4.785% on a car loan of 5,000 dollars payable in 60 months on a new vehicle. This falls to 94 dollars in recurring installments and 632 dollars in net interest. 

Your Score can determine if you are rented by a Landlord. 

It is easy to believe if your poor credit refuses you a mortgage or you get a bad deal, you will go back on the loan, but you might be mistaken. Landlords increasingly use credit scores to determine tenants' eligibility. 

While this is not a civil duty, tenants are entitled to a mortgage as a loan. As such, you only have to check your creditworthiness if you are willing to pay what you owe at the end of the lease term. 

Your score can affect prospects for employment. 

For every single minute, the procurement process stays rigorous. As part of the job qualification process, many employers now include credit checks. A prospective employer will use your credit report to decide how appropriate you are for the client. 

Large outstanding debts reflect mismanagement of debt. This could signal future mismanagement of corporate funds and early demands for increases in salaries. Your credit value can also be called into question in promotion, especially when the position is managerial or financial. 

Your score may affect the ability to set up utilities. 

Organizations selling utilities handle the bills as lending facilities. The point is that at the end of the lending period you repay their service for a month and pay. Which is the easiest way to assess your ability to pay than by testing your debt records? 

You do all this by reviewing your credit report and a bad score will sound like a dull thumb. This action is assisted by all services such as cable, internet, mobile phone, water and electricity. 


Your credit score reflects the capacity to pay debts and desire. As such, the amount or interest rate payable on various forms of credit can be determined, from a credit card, personal / company loan, to a car loan or a mortgage. 

It can also be used by employers to keep you from being able to use resources and by businesses. It can also affect where you live by influencing your leasing options. Only put, your credit score is a legitimate cause for concern.

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